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Our mustache mission is to provide the world with a positive perspective. Here are a few things that may help...
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the ‘stache supports: the five minute favor. 

The “Five-Minute Favor”: The best tip Adam asks you to do something for a friend or even stranger, if it takes less than 5 minutes every day. “What if I just took a couple minutes every day to try to help someone in a way that it’s sort of a small commitment to me, but could be of large benefit to them?” That is a great way of thinking. Retweeting someone, helping them vote on something or similar takes virtually no time, but helps them a great deal.” 

find time to fit it into your day. 

because it’s scientifically proven that it makes you happier.

Check out this great article from fast company for proof.. 

 the amazing history of the to-do list… and how to make one that actually works

Then make a list of the 3 types of lists you make most often and share them with us! 

We’ll start: 

- daily to dos 

- grocery list 

- adventures we want to have. 

This month’s mustache mission is to curate a collection of Positive Posti -its! 

Join the masters of merriment and submit an idea of your own. Here are just a few to get you started! 


"UVM motivation wall" thank you @spolidoro15 for this powerful #uvmpotd 💙 #positivity

We love #positivepostit!

#thestachesupports: Sharing your positive thoughts. 

sharing is caring. 

#thestachesupports: being too smart to be pessimistic 

#thestachesupports: being too smart to be pessimistic 

#Thestachesupports: attracting positivity by BEING positive. 

#quotes #quoteoftheday #message #takeheed #positivity #happiness

The Secret ‘Stache Society is about making a choice. We create opportunity by collaborating as a team on becoming pioneers of a more positive perspective. 

Let’s get real. Sometimes life seems terrible. At times, a positive perspective may seem impossible. But, here’s the thing…. it’s not. 

Every morning that you are lucky enough to WAKE UP, you have a choice.  A choice to go through your day reacting to the negative world around you… OR you can march through this marvelous world and infuse as much positivity as you can muster from your own unique perspective.

Happiness is both and choice and a commitment. 

So, in the morning, after your eyes open.. take a moment before you reach for your cell phone… before you glance at the alarm clock.. or become overwhelmed by the things that are on your plate. Instead of allowing yourself to feel buried under the work, the pressure, the stress…


Whatever that means to you… choose adventure,  choose experience, choose fun, choose to learn, choose to observe, choose to participate, or choose to create. 

It doesn’t matter what road you take because it’s not the destination that will make you happy. 

It’s the perspective you chose to utilize along the way… 

So, make the choice. 

Man up. 

'Stache up. 

If you can choose to be happy…..

why are you waiting??? 

#TheStacheSupports: Confusing people with your happiness. 

#TheStacheSupports: Checking your negativity at the door. Join our mustache movement and become a #pioneerofpositivity. 

#TheStacheSupports: Creating your own calm. Stop what you are doing. Take 5 minutes to go on a quiet walk. Give your brain time to rest. It will thank you. 

Always be yourself. That’s one thing you can control in this ever-changing world.

#TheStacheSupports: Not expecting a fish to climb a tree. #alberteinstein #expectations 

Don’t sign your life away. 

The ‘Stache Supports: Looking Good on the Inside

The ‘Stache Supports: Looking Good on the Inside